a web of poor design decisions


  • xss challs /usually) either simply require a popped alert, or have a user(cronjob) that visits a website whose cookies should get stolen
  • '"<>;{}-=`#/* are all interesting chars. See if you can construct a javascript context with them in the dom
  • Consider CSP and CSP bypasses


  • Try inserting ' and SLEEP payloads, basically every dbms can be injected.
  • dont rely too much on sqlmap


  • try different values for parameters such as id=3 -> try 0,1,2,4,-1,100,10000,...

File Upload

  • Any File upload is suspicious, try changing mime, magic bytes, filename, content-type,... some combination might work
  • try uploading weird files for weird error messages


  • Php alone is a vulnerability ;) so many gotchas, read the reference for every function, be aware of types and strong/weak comparisons etc.


  • many more possible vulnerability types that may be more or less streightforward to exploit