Replacing Kali

I've been using Kali Linux as my main distro for Pentesting for about a year now, and I'm coming to the point where it annoys me more than it is useful. I can't update packages as the repos are stale, tools are outdated and work incorrectly, there is a lot of bloat from tools I will never use, its just a mess.

I decided that I need to switch to another Linux Distribution, such as Ubuntu, (or Arch ?), and set it up the way it suits me. To approach this structurally, I compiled a list of tools I need here.

  • Burp ( And Therefore Java including jdk)

  • Firefox with Proxy Switcher, a Passwordsafe, BuiltWith, ...

  • vim with my vimrc

  • zsh

  • some of my custom general purpose scripts

  • some of my custom hacking tools / scripts

  • Seclists / Some other Pwn Lists from Github and Wordlists

  • Frida, Objection, adb, apktool, mobsf

  • ffuf, gobuster, nmap, nikto, masscan, massdns, testssl, sqlmap

  • ghidra,gdb, radare

  • openvpn

  • python3.8


  • openssl, ssh

  • Screenshotting Tool

TODO: Create a setup script, that does most of the installing work...